Italy: Illegal Migrant 'Targeted Women' in Stabbing, Robbery Rampage

An illegal migrant from Africa already known to Italian authorities was arrested after attacking half a dozen people during a frenzied stabbing spree near one of Europe's busiest train stations this week, according to reports.

The shocking incident unfolded on Monday evening near Milan Central Station in Italy.

Armed with a knife, a male suspect launched a series of armed robberies in the streets around the city center, La Repubblica reports.

A total of six people were injured during the rampage, five of whom were stabbed.

The suspect "carried out all the robberies in rapid sequence, intentionally targeting only women and not hesitating to hit them with extreme violence, as well as using the pocketknife," the Milan prosecutor's office later explained.

Multiple female victims were wounded, including a pregnant woman.

Several men who tried to intervene were also stabbed before the suspect was finally arrested while fleeing the scene.

Officers found him to be heavily intoxicated and in possession of credit cards, phones, and other valuables stolen from his victims.

He was identified as Abrahman Rhasi, a 23-year-old Moroccan national who is homeless and illegally present in Italy.

Rhasi was previously arrested and released after stealing a cell phone from an Italian boy aboard a trolleybus in Milano on February 6.

While Rhasi said he "hasn't been in Italy for more than 40 days," some reports indicate he applied for asylum in Germany on February 28.

He claims to have no memory of the attacks, telling authorities he had "drunk too much and also taken substances."

He is being held in prison at San Vittore amid an ongoing investigation.

The victims were all released from hospital to recover from various injuries, some serious.

The bloody episode has renewed public debate about conditions around Milan Central Station, which reportedly serves around 120 million passengers per year.

"Illegal immigrants are constantly drunk and armed, there are dozens of them in the Central Station area. They preside over the square, which has become one of the main drug dealing centers in the city and are not infrequently the protagonists of brawls and violent attacks," Il Giornale reported this week.

"They are dedicated to muggings and robberies, contributing to the climate of insecurity that weighs like a boulder on the city."

Milan, a formerly glamorous mecca of high fashion, has been overrun by illegal aliens from Africa, as Infowars has previously reported.

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