Italy: Mother, Child Attacked by Hammer-Wielding Migrant

Police in Italy arrested an armed illegal migrant suspected of attacking a mother and her child at a bus stop, according to reports.

The incident unfolded on Tuesday in Naples.

Police on patrol were approached by people who alerted them that a crazed man was on a rampage on a nearby street, Il Mattino reports.

Officers encountered the violent suspect, who was wielding a hammer.

After a struggle, they managed to disarm and apprehend the man, an African migrant with a criminal history who was illegally present in the country

Witnesses say the suspect had attacked a woman and her young son at a bus stop before bystanders intervened and forced him to flee.

"Christian Giane, a 31-year-old Ghanaian with a criminal record and irregular immigration status, was arrested and charged for injuring and resisting a public official, bodily injury, carrying offensive objects, illegal entry and stay in the country, and failure to present documents proving legal presence in the country," Fdesouche reports.

Infowars regularly documents attacks carried out on and around buses and public transportation in Western Europe.

What is being done to Alex Jones has never been done before, top attorney warns.

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