Italy's "Salvini Decree" Tightens Immigration, Security

Italy has passed new legislation produced by Interior Minister Matteo Salvini which tightens loose asylum policies.

The Decree-Law on Immigration and Security, otherwise known as the "Salvini Decree," closes loopholes often exploited by migrants and open borders activists, establishes new protocols to combat human trafficking, and empowers authorities in their battle against the mafia.

Select items from the package of laws, as reported by, include -

  • End of two-year 'humanitarian protection' permits, to be replaced by one-year 'special protection' or six-month 'natural disaster in country of origin' permits.
  • Termination of asylum requests and expedited expulsion for those who commit crimes
  • Intake for asylum centers to be reduced to unaccompanied minors and those who have already received international protections
  • More aggressive eviction protocols for those illegally occupying properties
  • Seizure of mafia assets
  • Increased funding for police and fire response, including arming of more police with tasers

Salvini posted video of the law's passage in Italian parliament.

"The moment the Security and Immigration Decree became law!" Salvini wrote. "I dedicate this applause and this enthusiasm to all of you, my friends, who have always believed in me. And it's just the beginning."

The bill has been denounced by 'refugee' activists and globalist organizations such as the Italian Refugee Council and the United Nations, which recently condemned Italian leadership as "unashamedly embracing racist and xenophobic anti-immigrant and anti-foreigner rhetoric."

However, Italian journalist Alessandra Bocchi told Infowars Europe the legislation provides common sense protections for Italians and thus received wide-ranging support from lawmakers.

"The decree got the majority of votes, even from the Five Star Movement, which has had its differences with Salvini’s views on immigration," Bocchi said. "This is because it simply prioritizes the security of Italian citizens and residents, and will also improve relations with legal immigrants by distinguishing them from those who have arrived in the country illegally.”

Salvini also announced this week that Italy will not sign on to the UN migration pact, joining a growing list of countries including the United States, Poland, Hungary, and Switzerland.

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