RT News Broadcasts In The UK Have Now Been SHUT OFF BY THE EU

RT News broadcasts have been completely cut off in the UK following the European Union’s move to ban the network, despite the fact that the UK isn’t even in the EU anymore.

The BBC reports that RT has disappeared from all platforms in the UK, with access “affected by a ban imposed by the European Union.”

The report notes that “Although the UK is no longer in the EU, the bloc applied sanctions to satellite companies in Luxembourg and France, which provided the RT feed to Sky, Freesat and Freeview,” networks that supply the UK’s feed.

In other words, the actions of unelected EU bureaucrats in censoring information they deem to be harmful has directly impacted people in the UK.

As we noted earlier this week, in Europe big tech has moved in lockstep to censor RT, as well as Sputnik News, further ensuring that westerners only receive one narrative when it comes to coverage of the conflict in Ukraine.

Facebook, Twitter, Google, Netflix and Tiktok have all blocked Russian News broadcasts and content, seemingly at the behest of the EU which announced a ban on the networks from broadcasting on television.

Apple has also banned the RT and Sputnik apps in its store:

The EU ban on RT applying in the UK also means that the country’s broadcast regulator Ofcom has been completely circumvented.

It is likely that RT would have been shut off in the UK anyway as Culture Secretary Nadine Dorries has been pressuring Ofcom to ban the network, repeatedly calling it ‘misinformation’ and ‘propaganda’.

However, the move has come much sooner than anticipated owing to the EU action.

Speaking in the House of Commons, Thursday, Dorries said “As part of a concerted effort and discussions, Russia Today is no longer streamed into British homes, either by TV, Sky, Freesat or Freeview.”

“It is my absolute position that we will not stop until we have persuaded every organisation, based in the UK or not, that is the wrong thing to do to stream Russian propaganda into British homes,” Dorries added.

She also began literally crying when talking about how unbiased the BBC is:

Dorries also urged Ofcom to “expedite” investigations that are ongoing onto RT, saying she hopes “that those investigations result in the removal of Russia Today’s licence so that they’re never again able or have the platform to broadcast their propaganda into the UK.”

Dorris had the gall to declare that “Of course, politicians have absolutely no influence over the free press and nor should they. That is the responsibility of the regulator Ofcom.”

The Guardian notes that foreign secretary, Liz Truss, has warned of the risk of banning RT, noting “The reality is that if we ban RT in the United Kingdom, that is likely to lead to channels like the BBC being banned in Russia. What we want is the Russian population to hear the truth about what Vladimir Putin is doing, so there’s a very careful judgment to be made.”

RT responded to the ongoing purge, noting “the facade of free press in Europe has finally crumbled”.

Earlier, RT’s own website appeared to have blocked, but has since reappeared, meaning it was likely a temporary outage at the network’s own end.

As we reported yesterday, DirecTV in the U.S. terminated its contract to show RT America news broadcasts with immediate effect.

Fox News host Tucker Carlson also slammed Canada for banning RT and asserted that big tech and elites are “using this opportunity, this war in eastern Europe, to shut down domestic dissent in the United States.”

“They hate populist politics in this country far more than they hate Vladimir Putin,” Carlson urged, adding “Several [U.S allies], including Canada, have banned journalists who don’t agree with their view of the war.”

“If we’re going to protect democracy, that should start at home and democracy is defined – literally defined – by the tolerance of the regime for dissent. But no dissent is allowed. So, they’ve pulled RT from the air waves in Canada,” Carlson proclaimed.


Alex Krainer, a political analyst and author noted that banning RT and Sputnik “corresponds with the West’s values quite well,” explaining that freedom of speech is only allowed “within a spectrum of either irrelevant viewpoints or those that are favourable to the ruling establishment’s agenda.”

“It was only seven years ago, after the ‘Charlie Hebdo’ terror attack in Paris that western leaders were climbing over one another to grandstand and profess their unwavering commitment to freedom of speech while advocating and implementing censorship of those whose views challenged the various agendas of the ruling establishment,” Krainer added.

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