Only Four Percent of Migrants Arrested at Greek Border Are Syrian

A small percentage of migrants attempting to storm Greece's border with Turkey are from Syria, according to Greek media.

Just four percent of illegal migrants arrested by Greek authorities in the span of five days turned out to be Syrian, while the overwhelming majority hailed from Afghanistan and Pakistan, Proto Thema reports, citing government figures.

Between February 29 and March 5, a total of 36,649 illegal crossings from Turkey were thwarted by border patrols, leading to 252 arrests.

The nationalities of those apprehended are reported as follows:

  • Afghanistan: 64%
  • Pakistan: 19%
  • Turkey: 5%
  • Syria: 4%
  • Somalia: 2.6%
  • Iraq, Iran, Morocco, Ethiopia, Bangladesh, Egypt: 5.4%

The number of illegal crossing attempts has since risen to 42,481, as of March 9.

Reporters with French media outlet BFMTV expressed 'surprise' to discover that many of the migrants amassed at the Greece-Turkey border are from North Africa - thousands of kilometers away.

“We saw on Whatsapp and Facebook messages that say the doors are open between Turkey and Greece, so we came to try to go to France, or to Germany,” a 22-year-old Moroccan man told BFTMV.

“We have nothing in Morocco, no work, no money. I don't want to stay at home doing nothing."

Evidence that the vast majority of migrants who have brought mayhem to Europe's gates are neither fleeing war nor hail from Syria corroborates assertions leveled by Hungary last week when Budapest announced it was sealing the southern border.

Many of the migrants hoping to reach Europe are from Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Iran, and a large number of them could be carrying coronavirus contracted at home or during their journeys, Hungary's Chief Security Advisor György Bakondi warned in early March.

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