Last Night in Sweden: Grenade Attack, Thwarted Bombing, Car Fires

Police in Sweden investigated a series of separate incidents that unfolded Thursday night across the country, including a grenade attack, car fires, and a potentially imminent bombing, according to reports.

In Gothenburg, police have confirmed that an explosion in a restaurant was caused by a hand grenade.

"We can now conclude that the object detonated inside the restaurant was a hand grenade thrown in through a screen," a police report explains. "No one is currently arrested and investigative work continues."

In the Stockholm suburb of Solna, a suspicious object was discovered in a stairwell near a subway station by a passerby.

The object was determined to be an explosive device which had not yet detonated.

"The item was found outdoors in a staircase and the police blocked an area around the object," Fria Tider reports. "The National Bomb Guard was called to the site to investigate it. The bomb guard placed the object in a bomb car and then left the site to investigate the find further."

"At lunchtime on Friday, the National Bomb Guard found that the item actually contained explosives."

In Trelleborg, five vehicles were incinerated in the second mass car fire in as many nights in the town.

Police were unable to determine the cause of the fire, but believe it was intentionally set and could be linked to the previous night's fire.

Cars have been burning virtually every night for the past month in nearby Malmö and Lund, according to Kvällsposten.

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