Sweden: More Cars Torched, Anti-Migration Candidates Attacked

More cars were torched overnight and anti-migration candidates were attacked at a rally in Sweden as tensions run high entering the final days before critical elections, according to reports.

Up to 25 vehicles were damaged or destroyed in approximately 10 different car fires around the country, Fria Tider reports, with a large conflagration taking place in Trollhättan, as well as Malmö, Helsingborg, Trelleborg, Kalmar and Vellinge.

Last night's blazes are the latest in a string of similar incidents that have unfolded in recent weeks, including a series of seemingly organized firebombings in mid-August which Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Löfven likened to a "coordinated... military operation."

In Uddevalla, parliamentary candidates from the nationalist-populist Alternative for Sweden (AfS) party were reportedly attacked by leftists and migrants during a town square meeting and rally.

"Representatives of Alternative for Sweden were attacked by an immigrant gang when the party held a square meeting in Uddevalla on Thursday afternoon," Fria Tider reports. "The parliamentary candidates Per Sefastsson and Markus Jonsson were beaten with fists."

A physical altercation takes place at the 43:15 mark in the video below, which allegedly transpired after Jonsson was spit upon by a protester (43:28) -

Jonsson asserts that a vehicle containing AfS members was attacked during an emergency exit from the location.

"One of my colleagues from Alternative for Sweden [was] attacked by an immigrant youth who attended the meeting and was screaming and shouting over the meeting," Jonsson told RT. "They threw eggs at our vehicle when we left the scene. They ran after us, and when we had to stop at a red light, they kicked at the car."

A burning cigarette was also thrown in the face of an AfS representative, according to police.

AfS is scheduled to hold a rally on Friday in migrant-heavy Gothenburg, where police have identified many "vulnerable areas" - also known as "no-go zones."

Swedes head to the polls on September 9th.

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