Salvini Forging Pan-European Populist Alliance

Italian leader Matteo Salvini is forming an alliance of nationalist-populist parties from across Europe, bringing his proposed "League of Leagues" to life.

Touting a "vision for Europe for the next 50 years," Salvini joined figureheads of three other prominent parties to announce their challenge of the establishment in European Parliament ahead of upcoming May elections.

"We are building a community, a family. I am working on a new European project," Salvini said at an event in Milan branded 'Towards a Common Sense Europe!'

"It is the alliance that looks into the future. We will start from today, and from today our family will enlarge."

The bloc will reportedly initially consist of Salvini's own Lega (League) party, Alternative for Germany (AfD), the Finns Party of Finland, and the Danish People's Party of Denmark (DPP), but other factions are expected to soon join.

"The name of the alliance, which we signed up to this morning, is the European Alliance of People and Nations, or EAPN," said AfD spokesman Joerg Meuthen. "At the moment, we are four parties. But when the last plenary session in Strasbourg ends on April 18th, by this day, I am sure we will have at least 10 member parties of our alliance."

"We want to ensure that the European Union is reformed so that more power can be given to the member states and less powers to the bureaucracy in Brussels," Meuthen is quoted as saying in a tweet from Salvini.

"Proud of the first international conference organized today in Milan, for an alliance that talks about the future, to bring back to the center the work, the family, the safety, the protection of the environment, with the aim of bringing the government back to the people," Salvini tweeted in his own words.

Salvini announced his intention to begin uniting anti-globalist forces across the continent last year.

"To win we had to unite Italy, now we will have to unite Europe... I am thinking about a ‘League of the Leagues of Europe,’ bringing together all the free and sovereign movements that want to defend their people and their borders," Salvini told a massive crowd of 50,000 in Milan in summer of 2018. "I will tour capital cities – and not just European ones – to create an alternative to this Europe founded on exploitation... and mass immigration."

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