Less Than 10 Percent of Migrants Ordered to Leave Belgium Are Deported

A mere 8.5 percent of migrants who are ordered to exit Belgium are actually deported, according to government figures.

Data released by the Belgian Immigration Office indicates that 33,386 illegal migrants were given exit orders last year, and while only 7,399 are confirmed to have left the country, a mere 38 percent - 2,842 people - of those returnees were actually deported.

Additionally, of the 2,842 deportees, 847 were European Union citizens – not failed asylum seekers.

"The return figures of asylum seekers and people without legal residence are not that high and have even fallen in recent years," VRT NWS reports. "This is not only the case in Belgium, the whole of Europe is struggling with return policy."

One of the primary issues hampering successful deportations is a reported lack of assistance from migrants' home countries.

"Everything depends on the cooperation of the country of origin," says Geert Devulder of the Immigration Office. "Many countries make it difficult to deliver the necessary travel documents, especially if the person in question does not apply for them themselves."

Devulder cites the Albanian government as one that cooperates with other European nations to facilitate returns of migrants, while many countries in Africa either act very slowly or not at all.

Infowars Europe has regularly documented the spike in crime and unsavory behavior introduced by migrants and 'asylum seekers' to Belgium, including a recent alcohol ban imposed in a Brussels district due to violence and fighting by drunk migrants.

The number of people seeking asylum in Europe is up 10 percent from 2018, according to figures compiled by the European Asylum Support Office (EASO).

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