LGBT Group Bans Anti-Migration Party From Berlin Pride Parade

Organizers of a gay pride event in Berlin have reportedly banned the populist-nationalist Alternative For Germany (AfD) party from participating.

Junge Alternative, the youth wing of anti-mass migration AfD, applied for stall space at Christoper Street Day, an annual street party commemorating the 1969 New York Stonewall riots, but were rejected by coordinators who claimed the party creates a “climate of fear and exclusion.”

David Eckert, head of Junge Alternative’s Berlin chapter, took to Facebook in a scathing video post in which he included back-and-forth emails between himself and event organizers, whom he blasted for being intolerant of others (including homosexuals) with differing viewpoints on immigration policy and Islam.

“Not every gay person wears vinyl and leather, struts around with a handbag and paints their nails,” Eckert said, asserting that AfD acts as a “bulwark” against an invasion of Islamic migrants whose culture is hostile to homosexuals.

“How absurd. Those who loudly roar, insult and rush against us complain that we are intolerant. Nonsense: we get along well with you - your mask gets deep cracks.”

Eckert asserts that his group applied to participate in Christopher Street Day well ahead of time, but was ignored by organizers until after deadline, when they eventually wrote to say that AfD had inquired "too late" - and would also never be welcome at future events.

"We stand for a climate of acceptance in our society and for a culture that welcomes refugees," an unnamed representative wrote. "People and organizations trying to create a climate of fear and exclusion... are not welcome."

According to latest polling, Alternative for Germany is the country's top opposition party and its popularity is growing rapidly.

In an added twist of irony, AfD’s leader, Alice Weidel, is a lesbian.

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