'Like a Battlefield' - Turkish Suspect Slams Truck Into 30 Cars During Fiery Rampage in Germany

A Turkish man was arrested in Germany after he allegedly plowed a cargo truck into more than 30 cars, injuring at least three people and leaving a trail of destruction that has been likened to a 'battlefield' by police.

The shocking rampage unfolded at around 7 p.m. on Tuesday evening in Fürth, a city in northern Bavaria.

The driver of a large delivery truck blew through a red light, hitting a car in the intersection before speeding onwards, Nord Bayern reports.

A 74-year-old woman was seriously injured in the initial collision.

The truck driver then slammed into more than 30 parked cars over a quarter-mile stretch without braking.

Multiple vehicles caught fire, including the rogue big rig.

Many cars were crushed and fire spread to at least one apartment building, forcing residents into an emergency evacuation.

At least two pedestrians were also injured in the melee.

Responding officers quickly arrested the truck driver, who they say was heavily intoxicated.

He was identified as a 50-year-old male from Turkey.

"It looks like a battlefield. Several cars were pushed into each other. They started to burn. The flames spread to the facade of a residential building," a police spokesman told BILD.

Investigators are working to determine the extent of the damage, as many vehicles were totally destroyed and at least one residential building is currently uninhabitable.

The driver was ordered held in prison while authorities seek to understand if the crashes were a result of mere intoxication or if "other reasons motivated his action."

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