'Like World War II' - Norwegian Military Patrolling Border to Enforce COVID Rules

Norway has stationed troops at checkpoints along its border with Sweden in order to enforce coronavirus travel rules, according to reports.

Residents say border controls overseen by the military are reminiscent of the World War II era.

"It is a huge change," said a resident of Mora, Sweden, who was forced to exchange Christmas presents with his wife's family in the middle of a road separating the two countries.

The man said he often stays at a family home just over the border, but Norwegian soldiers prevented them from making the crossing this year.

“Norway is working proactively to prevent the spread of infection and has therefore decided to closely monitor the border crossings with Sweden with military forces from the Home Guard,” SamNytt reports.

“A Swedish state reporter on site at the border crossing in Dalarna said the situation is similar with what it looked like during World War II."

In order for Swedes to enter Norway at the moment, they must first present a negative COVID-19 test, and a 10-day quarantine is still required.

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