Lithuania Declares Border Emergency, Authorizes "Proportional Physical Violence" to Repel Migrants

A state of emergency has been declared by Lithuania along the country's border with Belarus amid an explosive migrant crisis in the region.

Lithuania's parliament approved the declaration on Tuesday, with 122 out of 123 MPs voting to implement drastic measures as of midnight on the same day, effective for at least one month, LRT reports.

The move comes as neighboring Poland battles thousands of Middle Eastern migrants attempting to invade via Belarus.

Border guards have been cleared to use "'mental coercion' and 'proportional physical violence' to prevent migrants from entering Lithuania," Reuters reports.

Additionally, migrants currently staying in Lithuanian border camps could have their mobile phones confiscated and 'gatherings' near the border could be banned.

“First, I must say that the situation on our border is stable and under control. But as we observe what is happening on the Belarusian-Polish border, we have to be prepared for different scenarios,” Interior Minister Agnė Bilotaitė told LRT.

"We believe that this decision is proportional to the situation today."

A substantial uptick in migrant traffic into nations bordering Belarus came after President Alexander Lukashenko threatened to allow aliens and drugs to flood Europe amid fraying diplomatic ties with the European Union earlier this year.

Lithuania recently began construction of new barrier along its border with Belarus.

“The situation is becoming even more severe due to the recent escalation of tensions and Russia's actions toward Ukraine,” Estonian Defense Minister Kalle Laanet told public broadcaster ERR News on Monday.

“Taken together, this is the most difficult security crisis for our region, NATO, and the E.U. in decades.”

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