Locals Fear Reopening of Dangerous Asylum Center in Belgium

Local residents are dreading the planned reopening of an asylum center in the town of Overijse, Belgium, saying they fear for their safety and social cohesion in their neighborhood.

Migrants with little to do reportedly loitered around the facility and surrounding area when it was previously in operation five years ago, introducing an increase in crime and insecurity.

"Such a reception center does not belong in a residential area," one local told HLN.

“Our children did not dare to come out five years ago. We all feel unsafe in our own neighborhood.”

The 'open facility' houses up to 80 migrants who are free to come and go as they please until late at night, SCEPTR reports.

“Five years ago, those guys played soccer in my yard almost every night and made noise until midnight,” another local said.

“I called on them several times to be quieter, but they just laughed at me. So it promises to be sleepless nights again.”

Overijse Mayor Inge Lenseclaes says the situation is out of his control, but he sympathizes with his constituents.

“As a municipality, we have no say in Fedasil's decision to house the open reception center in De Lasne,” said Lenseclaes.

“Fedasil (the federal agency responsible for the reception of asylum seekers) and the owner of the former rest home have reached an agreement. As a municipality, we have nothing to do with that.”

Belgian authorities are resorting to drastic measures to cater to an increasing number of migrants, including moving hundreds to an air force base and resurrecting a pontoon-based asylum center which floats in a central waterway in Ghent.

Meanwhile, migrants continue to wreak havoc across the country, as Infowars Europe has regularly documented.

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