London Bridge Terrorist Was Previously Hired to Investigate "Suspicious Packages"

One of the London Bridge terrorists who killed eight people and injured 48 others during a brutal attack in June 2017 was previously hired by Transport For London as a security guard and was tasked with investigating “suspicious packages”.

On the evening of June 3rd, 2017, a van was deliberately driven into pedestrians on London Bridge by three Islamic terrorists. The killers then proceeded to run into nearby Borough Market, a very busy area full of bars, before stabbing people in restaurants and pubs.

Many harrowing stories of how the terrorists killed their victims have come to light in recent weeks during an inquest into the attack. Stories of bravery and heroism have also emerged.

However, perhaps the most absurd detail is what one of the terrorists, Khuram Butt, did as a job before launching his personal jihad.

“TfL hired London Bridge terrorist Khuram Butt in 2016, just months after he appeared on ‘The Jihadi Next Door’ TV programme on Channel 4. He was responsible for investigating security concerns such as suspicious packages,” tweeted CourtNewsUK.

That’s right. In Clown World UK, the future terrorist was hired to stop terrorism.

The Jihadi Next Door is a television show wherein “film-maker Jamie Roberts meets those spreading extremist Islamic fundamentalism in Britain”.

Maybe someone should have told TfL that an Islamic extremist is probably not the ideal candidate for a job which entails preventing attacks by Islamic extremists.

But then again, this is the UK, which is no longer a country – it’s a meme.

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