London: Man With Mask Not Fully Covering His Face Lectures Woman About Not Wearing Mask

A video shot in the London underground shows a man wearing an ill-fitting mask that isn’t even fully covering his mouth aggressively lecturing another woman for not wearing a mask.

“So was just minding my own business when the mask police came to attack,” tweeted the woman involved in the confrontation.

“Fucking sort your shit out, yes, film me, because you’re a dickhead without a mask,” yells the rotund man as he approaches the woman in total violation of social distancing.

“You’re a cunt putting people’s lives at risk,” he continues, at which point in the video it becomes obvious that the man’s mask is not even fully covering his own mouth as he spits and snarls.

Another commuter then attempts to intervene by saying, “Leave her alone,” to which the blue bearded man responds, “No! Put a fucking mask on.”

This is just the latest in a series of confrontations between aggressive, hysterical and in some cases violent mask adherents and those who refuse to cover their face.

One of the most egregious recent examples occurred in California when an elderly woman maced a couple for not wearing masks despite the fact that they were in a park eating a picnic.

Draconian coronavirus lockdown measures have empowered an army of petty enforcers who think they have the moral high ground to bully, intimidate and in some cases physically attack others for not being as obedient as them.


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