London Mayor Sadiq Khan Completely Ignores Speaker’s Corner Stabbing of Woman Wearing Charlie Hebdo T-Shirt

A shocking incident where a woman at Speaker’s Corner in Hyde Park, London, wearing a Charlie Hebdo t-shirt was stabbed in the face in broad daylight by an assailant who still hasn’t been caught was completely ignored by Mayor Sadiq Khan.

The attack, which happened at around 3:30pm on Sunday, targeted 39-year-old Hatun Tash, who fled Turkey after renouncing Islam for Christianity. She now preaches on behalf of Defend Christ Critique Islam Ministries and is a regular fixture at Speaker’s Corner.

Footage shared on social media shows an individual dressed in black approach the woman and slash her across the face. He flees the scene as some bystanders take chase while others attempt to come to the aid of the injured woman.

Tash subsequently collapses to the ground and is seen bleeding from the head.

Police asked people to “not to speculate on the motive for the attack” (despite it being blindingly obvious) and belittled her as suffering only a “minor slash injury to her head.”

Despite a knife being found and there being multiple witnesses to the attack, Metropolitan Police have not yet caught the culprit.

“As evidenced by the sirens blaring nearby the scene in the video, police appeared to be nearby, so it’s unclear as to why they weren’t able to arrest the attacker, who fled on foot. One video showed a police car giving chase,” reports Zero Hedge.

After the incident, media reports centered on the fact that the woman was wearing the Charlie Hebdo shirt and not the obvious motive of the attacker, with some suggesting the implication that the victim had deserved it.

London Mayor Sadiq Khan has failed to acknowledge the incident at all, something that undoubtedly wouldn’t be the case had the roles had been reversed.

Despite Khan branding a speech by an anti-vaxxer nurse at a protest on Saturday “disgusting” and calling for the police to investigate her, Khan has remained completely silent on the stabbing attack, which apparently isn’t as “disgusting” as some offensive words.

Maybe this is just “part and parcel of living in a big city,” as Khan once said about the threat of terror attacks.

Tash was previously detained by police for 20 hours and has routinely faced “intimidation, threats, sexual assaults and physical assaults” for preaching at Speaker’s Corner, including an incident in October 2020, where she was assaulted and knocked unconscious.

The location has become notorious in recent years for being physically dominated by Muslim men who form large mobs to try to intimidate Christians and other Muslims from different sects, with police being largely ineffective at keeping the peace.


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