London Mayor Slammed for Violent Crime Remark

Earlier, the home secretary said he was deeply concerned by rising levels of violent crime in the UK, especially London, urging Chancellor Philip Hammond to allocate more funding to the Metropolitan Police Service (MPS.)

UK Home Secretary Sajid Javid has slammed London Mayor Sadiq Khan for saying it will take a decade to get knife crime in the capital under control, insisting the issue needs to be immediately addressed.

Speaking on Good Morning Britain on Monday, Secretary Javid said the government has to take action now, though he admitted it will “take time” to convince youths to stop carrying knives.

"We don't have 10 years. We don't have 10 months. There needs to be immediate action."

In addition to this, he said police officers should feel “absolutely confident” in using their stop-and-search powers to confiscate knives and other weapons, regardless of suspects’ race.

“It doesn’t matter if someone is black, or brown, or white or whatever they are. If the police think that there’s good reason that they may be carrying an offensive weapon, the police should be absolutely empowered to stop them.”

Last week, Secretary Javid said he was in contact with the Treasury to secure additional funding for police, describing himself as “deeply worried” about the situation in the capital and suggesting the much-needed funding could be granted over the coming weeks.

Police officials and experts have long warned that the government’s budget cuts to police forces throughout Britain is driving the crime surge, urging Westminster to reverse the austerity measures.

However, earlier this year, then-Home Secretary Amber Rudd shrugged off these claims, blaming the issue on other external factors.

Rudd resigned in April, paving the way for Sajid Javid to take control of the Home Office, who has been more outspoken on the issue and in favor of boosting police forces’ budgets.

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