Luxembourg Suspends Night Bus Service to France Due to Violence

Transportation authorities in Luxembourg have decided to suspend services of some buses that cross into France during the night amid a surge of violence and vandalism, according to reports.

Two routes that originate in Luxembourg will no longer operate in northern France after 6:30 p.m., L'essential reports.

Luxembourg's Ministry of Mobility made the move after a series of incidents affecting the RGTR 703 and 732 lines, both of which pass through the French commune of Mont-Saint-Martin, which lies in the department of Meurthe-et-Moselle.

"These deletions were necessary following an increase in attacks since August 2022, all of which occurred in Mont-Saint-Martin," Luxembourg authorities explained.

"Specifically, these assaults ranged from intimidation and harassment to spitting, vandalism and even shooting. The Sales-Lentz bus drivers, via their union, as well as the LCGB have vehemently addressed the Public Transport Administration to ensure that something is done."

Authorities in Meurthe-et-Moselle confirmed that at least four complaints were filed in September regarding violence along the aforementioned routes.

In multiple cases, rocks were reportedly thrown at buses passing through Mont-Saint-Martin during late-night hours.

Luxembourg "fully finances" both lines and authorities have stressed the importance of ensuring the protection of both drivers and passengers.

“Given that the level of attacks escalated so quickly, it was necessary to act as quickly as possible to improve the working conditions of bus drivers who were afraid to carry out their duties,” asserted the Ministry of Mobility.

In 2019, officials in Basel, Switzerland, were forced to make a similar decision, suspending tram lines traveling at night across the border into France after a series of attacks on drivers and trains.

Infowars regularly documents crime on public transportation in Western Europe.

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