Lyon Bombing Suspect Pledged Allegiance to ISIS - Report

The primary suspect in last week's bombing in Lyon, France, that injured 13 victims is an Algerian illegal alien who recently pledged allegiance to ISIS, according to multiple reports.

Mohamed Hickem M., 24, is suspected of planting a nail bomb outside a popular bakery in the French city on Friday, which detonated and sent nearly a dozen people to the hospital, including a 10-year-old girl.

"The man suspected to have planted a parcel bomb in the central French city of Lyon that wounded 13 people last week has told investigators that he had pledged allegiance to the Islamic State, a judicial source said on Thursday," Reuters reports.

Three relatives of Mohamed M., including his mother and father, were also arrested by French authorities following a manhunt that reportedly involved over 100 investigators.

"He admitted having made the parcel bomb and deposited it late on Friday afternoon not far from Lyon-Perrache train station in front of a bakery," a source told Reuters.

It has also been revealed that Mohamed M. was in France illegally, according to French media.

While it has been reported that Mohamed M. was an IT student, he apparently never resolved outstanding visa complications nor attended the school to which he had applied.

"This is not a student of Epitech, but a young person who, after applying two years ago, had unsubscribed to the program after the refusal to issue his visa," Marc Drillech, Managing Director of the Ionis Education Group, told Le Figaro. "We have never seen him, much less as a student."

Mohamed M.'s best friend, Islaam, told Le Figaro the suspect is a devout Muslim who never showed signs of radicalization and would "never hurt anyone."

"Hichem, he's like my brother," Islaam said. "He has never been violent, everyone loves him here."

"He is a Muslim, does prayer and Ramadan, but is not at all extremist. When discussing religion, it is to speak about the prophet or the verses of the Koran, but not of the Islamic State."

Nationalists are portrayed by MSM and globalist elites as “stupid” or “bigoted” for loving their own countries.

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