Machete Brawl Between Dozens of Migrants Rocks Barcelona Subway

Police have apprehended a group of Pakistani migrants after up to 30 men engaged in a shocking battle with machetes, axes, and bats in a Barcelona subway that left one dead and many injured, according to reports.

The battle unfolded in and around a tube station in Badalona, part of the greater Barcelona metro area, The Sun reports.

Footage from the scene depicts bloody men with gaping wounds scattered around the premises.


One man died during the melee and at least two more were badly wounded.

“We are investigating the death of a Pakistani national on Sunday night,” a police spokesman said. “The incident occurred around 10pm during a fight between a number of people in an area of Badalona known as Salut.”

“One of the participants in the fight died as a result of the injuries he suffered. Two other men were seriously injured."

“Officers from Badalona’s local police force the Guardia Urbana arrested nine men following the fight who are all Pakistani nationals,” he continued.

Badalona Mayor Alex Pastor told local media that police were called to respond to a fight between at least 30 men with "all kinds of bladed weapons."

Pastor says rival drug gangs were likely to blame and that the battle had kicked off after "one group had sold drugs in the other's territory."

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