Machete-Wielding Nigerians Wage War In Italian City

Blood flows in the streets of Ferrara, Italy, as Nigerian migrants wage war with machetes, axes and knives, local media reports.

A slew of gruesome attacks have taken place in the last week in shop squares, parks, and bars as gang members and drug dealers settle disputes with lethal weapons in the once-peaceful bastion of high culture and gastronomy.

Police and emergency services have been responding to scenes of frequent clashes where butchered combatants are found lying in pools of gore.

"A nightmare... We are at the fourth fight on the street in two days. Here it is normal now," said a local official.

Ferrarese senator Alberto Balboni has filed an urgent inquiry with the Ministry of the Interior, warning that "ferocious" Nigerian crime syndicates have exploited the asylum system to infiltrate Italy "according to a strict paramilitary principle of territorial control, aimed at the trafficking and distribution of drugs, the exploitation of prostitution (including child prostitution), the trafficking of human beings and the facilitation of illegal immigration."

Balboni asserts that African mafia figureheads are already operating in Italian cities, where they are organizing and arming their troops to engage in the same "tribal" warfare ravaging their homelands.

Meanwhile, leftists continue to downplay the existential threat to Italians, instead denouncing concerned citizens as racists.

"Faced with this scenario that should worry everyone, only the Democratic Party seems not to worry, minimizing the phenomenon and stirring a non-existent danger of racism - which simply does not exist in Italy - to justify the suicidal policy of acceptance for all that unfortunately led Italians to the current situation," Balboni said.

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