Macron Booed, Given Finger by French During Bastille Day Parade

Multiple videos from the Bastille Day parade in Paris show French people booing and whistling at President Macron while giving him the middle finger.

SacrΓ© bleu!

Parisians made their feelings known about the globalist poster child who is now struggling to get anything passed in the French Parliament under his newly castrated minority government.

The clip shows Macron stood up in a parade vehicle surrounded by police waving to the crowd, but many aren’t too pleased to see him.

The sentiment seems pretty unsympathetic.

Despite being re-elected last month, it was a pretty disastrous result for Macron after his Ensemble party was reduced to 245 seats, well short of the 289 required to form a working majority.

In contrast, populist Marine Le Pen and her National Rally party turned 8 parliamentary seats into a whopping 88 seats.

As we highlighted yesterday, Macron was humiliated in Parliament when his attempt to enshrine France’s vaccine passport scheme into law was defeated.

Macron also just announced that due to the situation in Ukraine and a potential total cutoff of Russian gas, public street lights will be turned off at night to save energy.


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The revolution will not be televised.

(PHOTO: Antoine Gyori - Corbis via Getty Images)

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