Macron Decries Russophobia, Says He Still Has “Respect” For Russian People

Amid a global deluge of Russophobia, French President Emmanuel Macron said he still had “respect” for the Russian people and that the country’s civil society needed to be part of the future of peace in Europe.

Macron made the comments in the aftermath of two weeks of virulent anti-Russian sentiment that has led to the country, and by extension many of its citizens, being deplatformed on a national level.

Aside from crippling financial sanctions, utterly absurd measures were also imposed like banning Siberian cats from competitions and a university attempting to cancel a course on 19th century Russian writer Dostoevsky.

The French President said it was vital to remain connected to Russia in general no matter the actions of its current government.

“We are responsible for maintaining all possible human ties: to continue talking with the Russian and Belarusian peoples with the help of artists, intellectuals, cooperation in the technical sphere, business and NGOs … this is my task to continue talking with the leaders, even if we have differences … and always respect Russia as a country and the Russian people,” said Macron.

He also added that there would always be conflict in Europe if Russia was not part of the “great peace architecture” of the continent.

Global ostracization and demonization of Russians is now translating into violent attacks.

Yesterday, the representative office of the Russian Agency for International Humanitarian Cooperation (Rossotrudnichestvo) in Paris was attacked while a man in Dublin also drove a truck through the gates of the Russian embassy.


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