Major French Cities Likely to Face Blackouts in 2022-2023 – Reports

Major French cities are likely to face blackouts within this year and the next one, media reported.

Almost all European countries are preparing  for possible blackouts and their leaders hope that the upcoming winter would be mild, the Euractiv news outlet reported on Wednesday, citing a source in corporate risk management.

The RTE French transmission system operator told Euractiv that it was currently impossible to precisely predict the blackouts this winter because of the high uncertainty.

Later, senior executive of the EDF energy company Marc Benayoun has dismissed the reports about possible blackouts.

"I do not believe that we are going to face a disaster," he said at a Senate hearing.

Benayoun acknowledged that the situation was difficult but expressed a belief that it would not come to blackouts.

EDF President-Director General Patrick Pouyanne has called on the French people to minimize the consumption of electricity by keeping the room temperature at the level of 17 Celsius degrees (over 62 degrees Fahrenheit) and the air conditioners at the level of 26 Celsius degrees despite of the heat.

Europe is now entering into an energy crisis amid the Russian military operation in Ukraine and the sanctions against Moscow that may result in the suspension of Russian gas supplies to the EU.

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