Majority of Swedes Want No More Migrants

The majority of Swedes have decided they don’t want a single additional migrant entering the country, according to a YouGov survey.

The country well-known for its societal problems linked to 2015’s migrant surge now surpasses Hungary in its anti-migrant sentiment, only being outdone by Poland and Italy.

“The Swedes are among the most critical to receiving more refugees,” reports Europaportalen. “Just over half of the Swedes surveyed agree with the statement ‘my country should not receive more refugees from conflict areas.’”

Correspondingly, a YouGov researcher has observed that migrant distinctions like ‘irregular’ or ‘refugee’ are being used less and less by Europeans.

The findings shed light on a growing trend where immigration is becoming the chief concern of the region with the European Parliament elections around the corner on May 26.

“A majority of EU residents are more afraid of a new refugee crisis than for a new economic crisis and over one third believe that migration from outside the EU is one of the Union's biggest challenges," reports Europaportalen. "Almost half do not want their country to receive more refugees.”

Interestingly, the current sentiment shows a dramatic shift from the previous 2014 elections where the economy, debt, and unemployment were the main concerns of Europeans.

Notably, this development comes on the heels of a report claiming there's a borrowing crisis among Swedish cities having to cope with the growing population.

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