Man Brutally Beaten After Asking Gang of Youths Not to Egg His Car

A man in Sweden was been hospitalized with a broken jaw and teeth after being brutally beaten when he asked a gang of youths not to egg his car, according to reports.

The victim was driving in the city of Borås on Saturday night when his vehicle was struck by egg-throwing youths.

When he stopped to ask them to discontinue their vandalism, the group of 10-15 young people dragged him from the vehicle and viciously attacked him.

"The young man is now being cared for in a hospital with broken jaw and teeth, among other things," Fria Tider reports. "His condition is said to be stable."

The gang also destroyed his vehicle.

"All the windows were broken and the car completely buckled," a police spokesman told local media.

Police have not identified any suspects or made any arrests at the time of this writing.

Gang activity is on the rise in Sweden, with police recently revealing there are 50 known criminal networks operating in Stockholm, up from 39 in 2015.

Youth gangs are striking with increasing frequency in Swedish cities such as Stockholm, Gothenburg, and Malmö.

In early August, a gang of youths armed with a gun, baton, knives and machete carried out a "brutal" robbery of a group of teens and adults in Täby, making off with cash, jewelry, and even designer clothing their victims had been wearing.

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