Man Threatening to Bomb Swedish Train Station Shot by Police

Swedish police neutralized a man who claimed to be carrying explosive devices in a train station in Malmö, authorities say.

The suspect reportedly engaged officers at Malmö central station in a threatening and aggressive manner, shouting warnings that he had "bags of weapons and explosives - and threatened to blow up the building," according to Expressen.

Police were forced to open fire on the suspect after he refused to obey orders and attempted to flee, and he is now being held in hospital, where he is recovering with gunshot wounds to his legs.

The man is reportedly 44-years-old, spoke English with a "sharp accent," and holds passports from three countries.

He is believed to have moved from Italy to Sweden in 2018 and recently obtained a residence permit.

While multiple Swedish outlets report investigators did not find explosives in the man's possession, The Local Sweden claims the bomb squad "detonated the two bags the man had been carrying at around 11.30am."

Police say they have not ruled out terrorism as a possible motive.

"As long as we cannot rule out that it is a terrorist case, we work according to that principle," police commander Per-Olof Söyseth said during a press conference.

Malmö station was evacuated following the incident, but later reopened. Police say they will increase their presence for the time being.

Just days ago, a massive explosion compared to a "meteorite strike" damaged some 250 apartments and injured roughly 20 people in Linköping, Sweden, in what police believe may have been an intentional bombing.

Malmö has seen a surge in crime in recent years, ranging from grenade and firebombing attacks, to rape and gang violence -- a reality even mainstream media has been forced to acknowledge.

Multiple reports indicate Border Patrol is overwhelmed and migrants that may have serious diseases such as ebola have now crossed over America's southern border.


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