Watch: Police Taser Machete-Wielding Man in London

A man wielding a machete at a London train station was tasered and arrested on suspicion of attempted murder and possessing an offensive weapon, according to police.

Shocked commuters observed the man 'ranting' and brandishing a massive blade before police neutralized him on the platform at Tulse Hill.

"What the actual f**k is going on in London??? Just witnessed a man at Tulse Hill station running around chasing people with a machete!" wrote Twitter user Xara Pandora, who shared footage from the scene.

"Women screaming and [the] station [is] in small chaos as a guy at Tulse Hill Station has just been tasered by police after running around with a machete," wrote user Daniel Roberts. "Must of had more than one weapon though as police seem to have multiple evidence bags."

The suspect is reportedly 59-years-old and has been 'sectioned' under the Mental Health Act.

Infowars Europe is regularly documenting the rise in violent crime and related issues in London and the UK at large. See recent reports here, here, and here.

(SCREENSHOTS: Xara Pandora / Twitter)

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