Mask Virtue Signaler Gary Lineker Caught Breaking Mask Rules

Former footballer Gary Lineker, who has repeatedly virtue signaled about the necessity of wearing masks, was caught breaking the UK’s COVID mask rules by shopping without wearing one.

The TV host, who has become notorious for his ‘woke’ Twitter rants, posted multiple times about mask wearing to scold those who refuse to cover their faces.

In April, Lineker asked his followers, “How can there be any debate about whether we should be wearing a mask?”

“Even if it’s only a one per cent chance of making you safer. Even if it is only a one per cent chance of stopping you giving it to someone else,” he added.

On July 2nd, Lineker wrote, “Can’t understand why anyone would object to wearing a mask. Painless gesture to ensure you don’t spread the virus to others, and great for hiding bad breath.”

He then repeated the point in another tweet on July 14, commenting, “Why would anyone object to wearing a mask in a shop? Not exactly a hardship. What a country of snowflakes we’ve become.”

“Wearing masks, of all things, is the most obvious thing we can do to help decrease the spread of the virus, and the smallest of all the sacrifices. No brainer,” he added.

Now Lineker has been embarrassed after he was spotted shopping in London inside a Marks and Spencer supermarket without wearing a mask, which is a now a requirement under UK coronavirus rules.

No brainer!

Lineker had even previously posted a photo of himself wearing a mask outside the same M and S store.


Lineker’s agent later told the BBC that the TV host apologized for his “oversight” and that he did put the mask on after the photo was taken.

The ex-England footballer was also in the news earlier this year after he revealed that he was attempting to house a refugee in what what seen as a rebuke to his critics over the TV host’s advocacy for “diversity” and immigration.

Months later and Lineker has yet to house a refugee.



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