Masked Gunmen Open Fire On Swedish Beach

Several masked gunmen opened fire on a man and woman carrying a child near the popular beach resort of Ribersborg, Sweden.

The woman is said to have sustained serious injuries and police are hunting for the perpetrators.

At approximately 10am local time, a gang of several masked attackers fired off between eight and ten shots, reportedly from multiple weapons, before fleeing the scene through the grounds of a nearby apartment building.

The woman was reportedly carrying the child when she was struck by a bullet in the unprovoked attack. The man they were with then reportedly went into shock.

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Ambulances and police were immediately dispatched to the scene and authorities established a security cordon around the area.

Specialized police sniffer dogs are already on the trail of the perpetrators, according to police. The three victims were transported to a nearby hospital for emergency treatment.

“This is one of the most serious crimes there is, so we are deploying all of our resources to investigate it, and also sending officers to speak to people near the scene of the attack, who might be disturbed by what has happened,” Calle Persson from the Malmö police told The Local.

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