Massive Explosion Compared to 'Meteorite Strike' Destroys Swedish Apartment Building

A very powerful explosion damaged some 250 apartments and injured roughly 20 people in Linköping, Sweden, in what police believe may have been an intentional bombing, according to local media.

The massive blast blew out windows and balconies in a five story apartment building and nearby residences as the shockwave traveled down the street, creating a chaotic scene that has been compared to the aftermath of a 'meteorite strike' and a 'war zone' by Swedish press.

Local hospitals were alerted to prepare for a "disaster situation" and some 20 ambulances were deployed to the scene, along with emergency response personnel, police, and the bomb squad.

Witnesses have said that cars and their own bodies were lifted off the ground by the force of the blast.

Police quickly discouraged the idea that the explosion could be terror-related, saying they don't know what caused it, but believe it was an intentionally-set device and criminal in nature.

"There is nothing that indicates that this incident is terror-related, we do not see that," said police spokeswoman Asa Willsund.

"Everything suggests that someone has placed something there," said lead investigator Magnus Skoglund during a press conference. "I can say that the destruction is huge."

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