Massive Migrant Battle Leaves Two Dead, 18 Wounded in Bosnia

A large fight between rival groups of migrants passing through Bosnia ended with two dead and 18 wounded, according to reports.

The battle unfolded in the town of Bihac, near the Croatian border, where thousands of migrants stay at any given time as they work their way towards the European Union.

An armed faction of Afghans ambushed a band of Pakistanis who were staying in a makeshift camp near the cantonal hospital, Balkan Insight reports.

“Police went to the scene and at that moment between 70 and 80 migrants were found injured,” government spokesman Ale Siljdedic told the press. “It was a conflict between a group of migrants from Afghanistan and Pakistan."

“All the injured and dead are citizens of Pakistan – their identity is not yet known. In consultation with the prosecutor, it was confirmed that this is a criminal act of murder.”

Siljdedic says 10 people were "severely" wounded in the melee.

"All the injuries were inflicted with a knife, as well as with blunt objects, like wooden sticks,” he explained.

The Pakistanis told police they had been preparing to make a go for the Croatian border prior to the clash.

Officials say it will be hard to locate suspects as most fled into the nearby forest.

Bihac, along with other Bosnian border towns, has long been overrun with migrants who have terrorized citizens and transformed local society with their presence, as Infowars Europe has frequently reported.

Bihac’s native population is approximately 40,000, but an additional 5,000 to 6,000 migrants are present at any given time, the vast majority of whom are 'military-aged males.'

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