Massive Migrant Mob Riots at German Asylum Facility

A large mob of migrants rioted at an asylum facility in Bavaria, Germany, injuring security personnel and causing 10,000 euros in property damage, according to reports.

A series of "tumultuous conflicts" stemming from an attack by an Nigerian occupant upon a security officer snowballed into a melee requiring a "major police operation" and deployment of air support to suppress, Merkur reports.

When police attempted to arrest an unruly 22-year-old female resident threatening and abusing staff, aggressive migrants banded together to assail officers, ultimately injuring five and inflicting thousands of euros of damage.

"A large number of asylum seekers solidarized and gathered, with up to 100 people in the lead," and "went after policemen armed with chair legs and trashcans."

Additionally, rioters exacerbated the chaos by pulling fire alarms over 100 times during the fray; however, firefighters were unable to enter the facility due to the security threat.

"To cope with the operational situation, a large contingent of police forces, including a police helicopter, was ordered to the Fürstenfeldbruck accommodation office," officials say.

Merkur also reports that a Nigerian occupant used the threat of inflicting bodily harm upon a baby to intimidate police, repeatedly throwing the child in the air and catching it just before it hit the ground.

Willi Dräxler, a local integration officer, addressed the incident at the facility, which reportedly houses over 1,000 'asylum seekers,' asserting that occupants are being forced to join gangs and that some security personnel also come from migration backgrounds, compounding tensions within the complex and its inhabitants.

Dräxler also says virtually none of the residents are interested in learning German, and that most even reject the food they are being served.

(PHOTO: Pedro Aragão / Wikimedia Commons)

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