Massive Unemployment Among Migrants In Belgium

Belgium has the European Union's lowest employment rate for non-EU immigrants, according to a new report.

A mere 52 percent of non-EU migrants between the ages of 20 and 64-years-old are employed in Belgium, leaving the country trailing France (55%), the Netherlands (60%), and Germany (64%), according to statistics analyzed by Tom Lallemand of SCEPTR.

Interestingly, migrants from predominantly Islamic countries tip the unemployment scales most heavily.

“We must dare to face the facts," says sociologist Mark Elchardus. “We see the figures in the study I am currently working on."

"Of the non-Muslims, 84 percent of 25 to 35-year-olds have a job. For Muslims, it is 43 percent,” he explained, contrasting native Dutch citizens with Islamic immigrants.

The number of official 'job seekers' raking in unemployment benefits is highest in the cities.

In Antwerp, nearly 75 percent of 'workers' drawing unemployment benefits have a migration background, while that number is closer to 50 percent in Ghent.

Unemployment among women whose families hail from North Africa, Turkey, and the Middle East is also astonishingly high.

“Remarkably few women of foreign origin have a job in Flanders — only 34 percent, according to figures from the Local Integration and Integration Monitor,” Lallemand notes.

“The employment rate is particularly lower for women from the Maghreb, Turkey, the Near East and the Middle East. Many women from those areas have no job and are not looking for it.”

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