Matteo Salvini’s Son Robbed by African Migrants in Milan

Egyptian migrants have been arrested for robbing the teenage son of Italian Deputy Prime Minister Matteo Salvini last month, according to reports.

The harrowing incident unfolded at around 8 p.m. on December 23 in the Gambara area of Milan.

Federico Salvini, 19, was approached by two men who threatened him with a broken bottle while demanding his valuables, Il Giornale reports.

Salvini handed over around 200 euros and his cell phone, which the suspects forced him to unlock before fleeing the scene.

The younger Salvini alerted his father about the robbery and an investigation was launched.

“It happened to him as it unfortunately happens to many in Milan. Fortunately, no one was hurt," Matteo Salvini told Italian media.

Days later, the phone was recovered at a barber shop in the San Siro district of Milan.

The owner, an Egyptian immigrant, told police the suspects entered his business on the night of the theft and hid the phone under the cushions of a sofa.

When the suspects returned the following day to retrieve the phone, the barber determined it may have been stolen so he photographed the suspects and notified authorities.

“I told him I wouldn't let him in. That cell phone was stolen. And he confirmed it to me. He told me that he was desperate, that he lived on the streets and had no money to eat," the barber said.

The suspects ran away when they heard police approaching, but after officers departed, the barber says he was threatened.

"After the police left, an Egyptian whom I know by sight as he lives in the neighborhood came to the shop and scolded me in a threatening tone for calling the police, adding that he knows the boy who wanted the cell phone and that he is a good person," the barber said. "If they come to break my window or throw something inside me, I call the police."

Investigators used the photographer taken by the barber to track down and arrest two Egyptian suspects, aged 21 and 26, on January 5.

"I thank the police forces who, in this as in many other cases, arrested the offenders. I hope that now the two criminals do not find a judge who, as too often happens, will set them free within a few days," Matteo Salvini said after the arrests.

Milan, a formerly glamorous mecca of high fashion, has been overrun by illegal aliens from Africa, as Infowars has previously reported.

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