Mayor of Italian Border City Calls for ‘Night Patrols’ Amid Surge of Violent Migrants

Illegal migrants are wreaking havoc in the small Italian city of Ventimiglia, prompting the mayor to request ‘night patrols’ to mitigate frequent violence, according to reports.

A build-up of migrants making their way to France has sparked chaos in the seaside city of approximately 55,000 inhabitants.

Ventimiglia Mayor Gaetano Scullino has issued a request to provincial authorities to deploy extra police officers and resources due to frequent attacks by migrants upon locals, as well as each other, ANSA reports.

"I trust that organized groups made up of law enforcement and cultural mediators will be implemented as soon as possible on foot patrols – above all in the evening and at night – that will explain to migrants their necessary rights and responsibilities, imposing upon them the need to comply with rules or risk expulsion," Mayor Scullino wrote in a letter to the prefect of Imperia.

"A mayor responds to the laws and his citizens, he can't be limited in difficult or emergency cases such as this. I'm sorry to have to announce that I will no longer accept . . . statements that underestimate the problem, as unfortunately has been the case thus far."

Scullino’s letter was signed by at least 16 local officials from six different parties.

In an article containing videos of two recent fights between migrants, Il Giornale describes the situation on the ground in Ventimiglia, where migrants are camped out in public spaces and using the city as an ‘open-air toilet.’

“Fights, fists and insults. At night Ventimiglia turns into a ‘ring’ between foreigners of different ethnic groups, who face each other for the most trivial reasons, but always driven by alcohol abuse,” writes Fabrizio Tenerelli

“It's like a wild Western that is repeated every day and sees the train station and its surroundings as a favorite stage.”

Mayor Scullino has firmly rejected calls to opening a ‘temporary asylum center’ in the city, asserting migrants should be redirected elsewhere.

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