Mayor of Nice Calls For "Health Passports" Giving Citizens Permission to Travel

The Mayor of Nice has called for citizens to be required to carry “health passports” if they wish to travel.

“Christian Estrosi, the mayor of Nice, posted a letter on Facebook one day after (Prime Minister Edouard) Philippe unveiled plans to ease stay-at-home restrictions for the country that would start in May, these rules could limit a person’s travel distance to 62 miles from their home,” reports Zero Hedge.

Estrosi says the passport would work by showing that the owner had tested negative for coronavirus within the 48-hour period before travel.

The next layer of draconian control is likely to be people having to prove they are either immune to or have taken a vaccine for coronavirus in order to be allowed to exercise freedom of mobility or freedom of assembly.

As we previously reported, Germany is also considering mandating “coronavirus immunity cards” that would allow those who have developed antibodies to COVID-19 to have more freedom than the as-yet uninfected.

After being told to obey drastic lockdown and social distancing rules in order to get back to normal, the public is now being told they will never get back to normal and that the “new normal” is relentless surveillance and state restrictions on basic freedoms.

Meanwhile, hundreds of thousands of people from foreign countries continue to land at European airports with little or no health screenings whatsoever.


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