Mayor Resigns After Arrest For Drunk Driving During Lockdown In Spain

A mayor in Spain has resigned after being arrested for drunk driving and attacking a police officer while also violating the country's strict lockdown orders, according to local media.

Alex Pastor, a member of the Socialists' Party of Catalonia who served as mayor of Badalona until Wednesday, was pulled over by police in Barcelona.

Pastor, 40, was reportedly unable to justify his reason for being far from home and also refused to take a breathalyzer test.

Pastor became belligerent and bit one of the officers during an alteraction, the Olive Press reports.

“He was very upset, screaming and hitting," a police spokesperson said.

In an apology letter delivered via his attorney, Pastor blamed work-related stress and 'health issues' for his behavior.

“I have missed out on the more personal and family side of things because of the number of hours I have dedicated to work and the demand that this responsibility requires,” Pastor said.

“These reasons have affected my health and emotional state and have led me to do things for which I regret and for which I apologize.”

Spain has imposed a series of stiff fines for lockdown-related infractions, including a 2,000 euro penalty for 'disrespecting' a police officer.

Infowars has been documenting a growing list of officials caught flouting the draconian stay-at-home orders which have been foisted upon much of the global population during the coronavirus crisis.

Scotland's top health official recently resigned after being caught traveling to her holiday home twice.

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