MEP Slams EU Globalists for “Islamic Invasion” of Europe

MEP and UKIP leader Gerard Batten caused howls of derision in the European Parliament today after he accused globalists of allowing an “Islamic invasion” of the continent.

“Our security is endangered because of the results of mass immigration,” said Batten, pointing to the arrival of millions of migrants from Africa and the Middle East since Angela Merkel opened Germany’s borders in 2015.

“You have turned many parts of Europe into foreign countries,” he continued, before savaging the EU for framing the debate as “helping defenseless refugee families” when in reality, “the vast majority of these migrants are young men from Islamic countries.”

“This is not immigration, this is invasion,” said Batten, a line that prompted an outburst of audible moans from globalist members of the Parliament.

“Traditionally Europe resisted Islamic invasion, heroic struggles in the siege of Malta, at the gates of Vienna have now been replaced by abject surrender,” he added, prompted more wails of discontent from his adversaries.

“Islam offers two options – submit or resist,” said Batten, to which one MEP responded by shouting, “stop it!”

Undeterred, Batten continued; “You have decided to surrender and submit on behalf of your citizens, but some states are resisting, rebellion is now stirring in Hungary, Poland, the Czech Republic, Austria and elsewhere – the tide is turning against the EU.”

Batten’s view is shared by a majority of Europeans (55%) who say immigration from Muslim-majority countries should be halted completely.

A poll conducted by the Royal Institute of International Affairs last year found that just 20% of citizens in Europe disagreed with the phrase, “All further migration from mainly Muslim countries should be stopped.”

During his speech, Batten also slammed the bureaucratic body for ignoring the results of national referendums and transferring political power to itself while destroying economies by forcing them to adopt the euro and then hitting them with crippling austerity measures.

The UKIP leader called Brexit a “modern peasants revolt against their out of touch overlords” which would set the example for the rest of Europe to rebel against rule from Brussels.

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