Migrant Arrested for Attacking Random People Hours After Being Released for Same Charge

An asylum seeker in Germany was arrested for attacking people with a beer bottle hours after police released him for doing the same thing.

The Eritrean migrant’s Saturday night attacks in Magdeburg were seemingly carried out with “no reason,” reports local media.

Police first arrested the 27-year-old migrant after he fled from a crime scene where he allegedly attempted to stab a man with a broken beer bottle he had previously used to beat a man with.

“It turned out that the asylum seeker was under the influence of alcohol and drugs,” reports Junge Freiheit. “After consultation with the prosecutor, however, the police dismissed him.”

Only a few hours later, the migrant was arrested again after throwing another bottle of beer at a group of people and using the broken bottle to attack a man.

Interestingly, authorities were already familiar with the asylum seeker for “cases of personal injury and narcotics” and for being involved in a brawl in March.

This incident comes on the heels of the release of a study saying Germans are significantly more likely to become the victims of crimes committed by migrants than vice versa.

More than 100,000 Germans were assaulted by migrants in just one year, cites the study published by the Federal Criminal Police Office.

“The spike is more drastic when it comes to murder and manslaughter involving foreign perpetrators and German victims,” reports Sputnik. “230 Germans were killed, which is twice as many as in 2017.”

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