Migrant Arrested in Latest Child Rape Case in Finland

A foreign man has been arrested in Oulu, Finland, as police investigate the latest child sexual assault case to rock the city, this one involving two girls and possibly multiple perpetrators, according to local media.

Criminal Commissioner Eveliina Karjalainen told local outlet Kaleva that police suspect the female victims, one 18-years-old and the other under 16, were raped by more than one offender in a private residence.

"The investigation is still in the beginning," she said. "This fact, like many other things, is under investigation."

The suspect in custody is reportedly a "foreigner with a residence permit in Finland," who has lived in the country for several years.

"The case is being investigated, among other things, as gross rape," Kaleva reports. "Other offenses are assault and coercion. For the younger girl, the police are also investigating the act as a gross sexual abuse of a child because of the victim's age."

New Gallup polling indicates that a majority of Finns believe the cultural values and religion of migrants are to blame for an explosive sexual assault crisis gripping the Nordic nation, with Oulu at its epicenter.

"People with a foreign background are responsible for a quarter of all reported sex crimes, despite constituting only 6.9 percent of the Finnish population," Sputnik reports, citing Finnish police.

Finnish officials recently proposed that migrants in Finland who are guilty of serious crimes should have their citizenship revoked.

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