Migrant Calls Host Racist, Says “Women Should Be Slaughtered If They Don’t Shut Up”

A migrant exploded with rage after being told dinner was over as reported by Sweden’s Fria Tider.

Two supervisors of the state-approved housing unit explained to the migrant he returned too late and missed the evening's dinner.

The Afghan migrant became livid and channeled his rage at the female worker.

“He said he would fuck her and her whole family as well as kill her,” said a witness. He also said she was “racist.”

During his outburst, he invoked how his father would handle his plight.

“[My] father said that women [should] shut up and they [should] be slaughtered if they did not,” said the berserk migrant.

A shared testimony of the altercation provided by the workers was enough to charge the Afghan to pay them $5,000 each.

Additionally, the migrant was charged as a 17-year-old because it was his "official" age at the time; however, Sweden’s Migration Board confirms that the perp lied about his age and was actually at least two years older.

The official decision is to deport the offender, but that could take as long as two years.

(PHOTO: Carl-Johan Aberger via Wikimedia Commons)

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