Migrant Crisis Exploding at Bosnia-Croatia Border

Migrants are overwhelming towns along the Bosnia-Croatia border as they attempt to reach EU soil and European countries beyond.

The Bosnian canton of Una-Sana is hardest hit, as over 300 migrants poured in last weekend alone, many arriving by bus in the small cities of Bihać and Velika Kladuša, according to local media.

"When you go to Bihać, on the street you will see more migrants than local citizens," says security expert Dragomir Jovičić, who warns that a bottleneck effect is forming in Bosnia, and will worsen if border security is tightened by EU nations in and around the Balkan Peninsula.

Stunning video footage surfaced days ago showing hundreds of migrants attempting to cross the Dinaric Alps from Bosnia into Croatia.

"The migrant crisis in Bosnia and Herzegovina is a huge problem," Jovičić says. "The social position of Bosnian citizens is that we can not even live at the required level, let alone receive tens of thousands of migrants from various areas."

In the video above, a migrant "in search of accommodation" can be seen attempting to gain entry to a private residence in Bihać before being driven off by a screaming woman and her husband, according to Bosnian media.

As winter approaches, locals and officials are concerned that homeless migrants will increase attempts to find shelter in this dangerous and illegal manner.

"Currently, Bihać and Kladuša, already financially and materially devastated, are left to themselves to deal with this global problem," local media says.

Infowars Europe recently reported on a protest staged by outraged Bihać residents over the migrant influx affecting their small city.

(PHOTO: Samir Yordamovic/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images)

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