Migrant Smuggling Attempts Double at Romania-Hungry Border

The number of migrants attempting to illegally cross into Hungary via Romania has more than doubled this year in just one region, according to reports.

Through the first 10 months of 2020, Romanian authorities in Arad County say 759 illegal border crossers have been captured - up from 325 during the same period last year.

All but two of those apprehended were not citizens of European Union countries, and the vast majority claimed to hail from Middle Eastern and Asian countries, such as Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Turkey, India, and Vietnam.

“Ninety percent of them hid in cargo cars trying to cross the border. The remaining ten percent approached the neighboring state on foot or tried to evade border controls by showing false documents,” AGERPRES reports.

In most cases, the illegal aliens were arrested or returned to their points of entry and the drivers criminally charged.

Hungarian police recently searched a suspicious cargo truck with German plates and a Turkish driver.

Onboard, they discovered 38 illegal migrants who all claimed to be from Syria but could not produce supporting documents.

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