Migrant Suspect in Sweden Stabbing Murder Wore ‘Horror Mask’

Two migrants have been apprehended after a young man was brutally stabbed to death last week in Boden, Sweden, local media reports.

Both suspects are males born in 1999, one from Eritrea and the other from Syria and requiring an Arabic interpreter, according to Fria Tider.

At least one of the assailants is reported to have worn a “horror mask” when they set upon the 19-year-old victim as he stepped off a bus at a transit station.

“At the site there was a lot of blood and the victim was found in in a large pool of blood. Resuscitation attempts failed to save his life,” Fria Tider reports.

“The prosecutor believes, among other things, that there is a risk that the men will try to remove evidence and continue to commit crimes.”

Police say the attack may have been an “internal settlement” between rivals.

Infowars Europe regularly documents the rise in violent crime across Sweden that has accompanied a surge of migration from non-European countries.

Leading Swedish political figure Jimmie Åkesson recently warned that "mass immigration has broken the nation," and called for an effective moratorium on immigration to Sweden in order to allow the country to "rebuild."

“Municipalities on their knees. Shootings and blasts every other day. An escalating insecurity that is gradually breaking down our country. Does Sweden have problems? Indeed,” Åkesson asserted.

A new report released by Swedish police indicates that there are now 50 organized gangs operating in Sweden's capital city of Stockholm, up from 39 in 2015.

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