Migrant Yelling "Allahu Akbar" Attacks Italian Police With Iron Rod

A Senegalese migrant has been charged with attempted murder after brutally attacking two police officers in Turin, Italy, while yelling "Allahu akbar," according to local media.

The suspect, identified as Ndiaye Migui, 26, has two outstanding deportation orders against him as well as a history of assaulting officers.

"He shouted 'Allah Akbar,' the exclamation used by Islamic terrorists before carrying out an attack," Il Giornale reports. "Then, brandishing an iron bar, he ran at two policemen who were in the area, and attacked them."

One officer was hospitalized with head wounds, while the other suffered injuries to their hand.

Migui had reportedly assaulted other officers on March 29, but never faced trial because a prosecutor placed a phone call ordering his release, "even though he was unable to trace the identity and the legal status of the person in question," Il Giornale reports, citing minutes from a police report about the incident.

Migui is known to live in a makeshift shack in Turin, and officers attempting to confront him have been subjected to violence as well, leading to deportation orders being filed against him by top law enforcement officials on two occasions.

"The fact is he shows indications of an absolute lack of fear and respect for the police," said police union spokesman Pietro Di Lorenzo.

Migui reportedly attempted to assault staff at the police station during his latest arrest, while yelling condemnations of Interior Minister Matteo Salvini.

"There will be no tolerance for thugs and violent people who attack the police," Salvini said in response.

Alarm regarding security and safety in Turin is growing, according to Il Giornale, which notes that, "Not a day goes by, in fact, that there are no episodes of violence."

Authorities recently began clearing out one of Italy's most infamous migrant settlements at the former Olympic Village in Turin, removing hundreds of squatters from multiple buildings under orders from Salvini.

Infowars Europe reported from the Turin Olympic Village last year, as it was situated just a stone’s throw across the railroad tracks from the NH Lingotto Hotel, site of the 2018 Bilderberg meeting of globalist elites.

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