Migrants Banned From Visiting Schools, Day Cares in Finnish City

Officials in Oulu, Finland, have placed a moratorium on migrants visiting schools and day care centers as an explosive 'grooming gang' scandal rocks the city.

'Asylum seekers' participating in the ESIKOTO project were invited to partake in 'integration and multiculturalism' visits to the facilities, but due to a slew of investigations into local sex scandals involving children and adult migrants, a temporary halt to the program has been enacted.

"We have agreed with the organizers that no such visits will take place at the moment," Mika Penttilä, Oulu's Head of Education and Cultural Services told YLE. "People have approached us about these visits to find out whether they pose a security risk."

Pentillä also serves as head of the Oulu City Immigration Steering Group.

"The project really ended last year," he said. "We have now informed our partners that we are not taking asylum seekers when this is the situation."

Oulo police are reportedly investigating at least 10 cases of sexual assault against girls as young as 10 by men who predominantly have arrived in Finland as 'asylum seekers' or migrants.

Deputy Police Chief Arto Karnaranta tells YLE that sex offenses in Oulu have risen by 20% from 2017 to 2018, but is quick to note that, while foreigners are over-represented in sexual crimes, the majority of total offenses are still committed by Finns.

Karnaranta says he believes young boys could be subjected to the same abuses, as well.

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