Migrants Bitch About Free Food, Having to Work

Migrants in France are protesting against the free food provided to them and the fact they're expect to work in exchange for shelter, according to French media.

A protest of at least 100 migrants erupted in Varennes-sur-Allier, a commune of central France, over what the migrants called "substandard food" and work expectations of at least seven hours a day.

In response, one French official said that while service to migrants has declined in quality due to recent budget cuts, overall the migrants "eat well and have very satisfactory living conditions."

"There is a lot of anxiety among residents related to the uncertainty of their future and their administrative situation, which could cause this discontent," the official, Fabien Guieze, said.

The comment section of the associated French news article was generally against the protests, with several commenters suggesting that their living standards in France were better than the countries they migrated from.

"They certainly eat better than in their countries," one commenter said, translated from French.

Here's a video of the protest:

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