Migrants Burn Down Asylum Camp in Bosnia

An asylum center in Bosnia was destroyed after migrants set fire to the facility on Wednesday, according to reports.

The Lipa camp near Bihac was in the process of closing down and many migrants had already vacated the premises when 'vandals' reportedly set tents and other structures ablaze.

“Disaster upon disaster in [Lipa, Bihac, Bosnia & Herzegovina] - as far as we know now a group of former residents put three tents and containers on fire after most of the migrants had left the camp. Luckily no casualties to our knowledge at this point but disaster nevertheless,” the United Nations migration coordinator for Bosnia Peter Van der Auweraert wrote on social media.

"Thanks to intervention of local fire brigade fire in migrant camp Lipa... is now under control. Pretty much all infrastructure has been destroyed or damaged. Terrible day," Van der Auweraert wrote in an update.

Approximately 1,300 migrants had been living at the camp until recently.

Bosnian officials have been under pressure from the U.N. International Organization for Migration (IOM) and other groups to improve living conditions for the illegal migrants staying at Lipa.

"On Monday, the Bosnian government agreed to prepare Lipa for winter by setting up containers and bringing in electricity and water supplies, which it promised to do in April, when the camp opened as an emergency response to the COVID-19 pandemic, to get all migrants and refugees off the streets," Balkan Insight reports.

Migrants were reportedly being moved the Bira reception center in Bihac to await upgrades to the Lipa camp.

Bihac, along with other Bosnian border towns, has long been overrun with migrants who have terrorized citizens and transformed local society with their presence, as Infowars Europe has frequently reported.

Bihac’s native population is approximately 40,000, but an additional 5,000 to 6,000 migrants are often present, the vast majority of whom are 'military-aged males.'

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